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    Founded in 2010, MySkills is a mission driven social enterprise dedicated to integrating at-risk youth into mainstream society by providing them with life skills and hostel housing.

    In 2018 they purchased 34 acres of land in Kalumpang Hulu Selangor with 3 warehouses to house students and provide them with an education. On this land they can facilitate up to 400 students comfortably, with a sports centre, learning kitchen, farm area, administrative and technical learning centres and 2 football fields to give struggling youth a second chance in life.

    Did you know?

    At-risk youth are young people who are exposed to harm or danger. Approximately 25% of Malaysian youth are at-risk.

    5 products
    Primus by MySkills : Bliss Moringa Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion (200ml)
    Primus by MySkills : Bliss Virgin Coconut Oil (500ml)
    Primus by MySkills : Moringa Aromatherapy Hair Shampoo With Conditioner (490ml)
    Primus by MySkills : Moringa Leaf Powder - 90 Capsule
    Primus by MySkills : Turmeric Extract – 30 Extract Capsule
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