The Sea Monkey Project

The Sea Monkey Project

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    What started as a homeschooling lesson, The Sea Monkey Project was founded in 2018 when an Aussie family who lived on a sailboat saw first-hand just how bad the plastic pollution problem is and how deeply it affects all beings on Earth. With this experience, the family stopped in Malaysia and started building plastic upcycling machines for sending to village communities all around the world, particularly in South East Asia. To date, SMP has built over 200 machines and sent them to 26+ countries globally, while educating thousands of the public and youth about sustainability and taking action.

    Did you know?

    The Sea Monkey Projects name comes from the name of the boat they sailed to Malaysia on! Called the Sea Monkey.

    4 products
    100% Upcycled Sea Turtle Necklace
    100% Upcycled Ruler
    100% Upcycled Bag - Mussel Wallet
    100% Upcycled Bag - Sea Jelly Hip Pack
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