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    Langit promotes unique and heirloom agricultural produce by smallholder farmers from East Malaysia to larger markets. Their products are sourced directly from farmers and procured at a fair price. Langit further curates experiential trips to these villages meant for bringing consumers further upstream to understand and appreciate the artistry that goes into the planting and production of these quality products. The Langit experience truly extends beyond their products.

    Did you know?

    “Langit” in Lun Bawang & Malay means “The Sky” as each founding member was given a local indigenous name with sky related meanings.

    4 products
    Heirloom Rice Crackers - 米香 Bí phāng 100g
    Layo - Dried Sabah Ginger Slices 70g
    Lada Bihis - Sarawak Black Pepper/ 砂拉越黑胡椒 65g
    Rice box (4 types)
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