3 Lessons We Learned From Launching Our Studio A Year Ago

We launched Earth Heir’s studio as a fair trade heritage boutique, just over a year ago.

It was weird and a little sad that we had to close our space just after we had worked so hard to launch our studio. No one knew what was ahead when Malaysia went into lockdown on March 18, 2020.

A year later I reflect on some of the lessons we have learned:-

1) Build a nimble, agile business model
As a small business, we are were very lucky to have a hard working, nimble team and supportive artisans who were willing to work long hours to stitch PPE for Malaysian frontliners. Together, we helped the men and women who were sacrificing their own lives for all of us. This ability to adapt, helped us survive the worst of the pandemic.

2) Business for good, always makes sense, in a downturn or an upturn
I’ve definitely felt that 2020 validated all my longing for the social enterprise business model to gain greater support. When crisis hit, it was so wonderful to see the public support received by social enterprises and organisations which were going out to the frontlines to help others. Thank you, good people of Malaysia.

3) Build relationships
During a time when physical meet ups were not allowed and rare, all of us relied on the strength of relationships we had built pre-pandemic. If we don’t invest in the relationships we have, a time of crisis, could break us. Make time to build, nurture and invest in the relationships you have. It makes good human sense and business sense.

These valuable lessons mean so much more now that we're looking back to how we came through this past year. Here's to believing for a greater year with our studio ahead!

If you'd like to visit our studio, find us here and reach out to us so we can expect you. We can't wait to welcome you!