Standard Operating Procedures for Fair Trade PPE Production

Due to the sensitive nature of the products that will be made, i.e. personal protective equipment which is needed by medical staff, utmost care and cleanliness must be maintained during every step of making these products. To maintain safety and sterility of the products, everyone needs to cooperate to make sure the products are made in a clean, sanitized area. 

  • The Workshop areas and specifically, the working area should be cleaned and sanitised with sanitiser/ dettol every morning before production starts.
  • Raw materials in the storage area, raw materials working area , work-in-progress items and finished products should be kept absolutely clean and secure to prevent any contamination of the products throughout the entire production process. For example: We suggest all raw materials like fabrics, textiles used are stored in plastic containers or bags to protect them.
  • Working tools, including but not limited to scissors, rulers, measuring tapes, cutting tables, sewing machines, need to be cleaned and sanitised with sanitiser/ Dettol every morning before production starts.
  • Artisans involved in production must be in good health, temperature checked and be free of any fever, practice good hygienic habits, wash their hands with soap and water following proper hand washing steps before handling the materials and products. They should also make sure they wash their hands if they leave the work area and come back to continue work.
  • Artisans involved must wear a mask (wash everyday if a cloth mask is used, and use a new mask every 5 hours if a disposable mask is used) when producing and handling anything related to the making of the final product.