Our Purpose

We are a social enterprise collaborating with traditional artisans and refugees to build sustainable livelihoods for underserved communities.

EARTH HEIR® works with a network of over 100 artisans, and a core group of 30 artisans hailing from women’s cooperatives, indigenous tribes and refugee groups, across six states of Malaysia.

By combining traditional artisanal skills with contemporary design and ethical business support, Earth Heir is a true celebration of Malaysia’s varied heritage art forms and unique cultural narratives.

Creating Sustainable Livelihoods

EARTH HEIR® was founded to serve traditional artisans in underserved communities - we support their unique craftsmanship with holistic ethical business operations, including training, collaborative design partnerships, manufacturing & supply chain setup, market access, financial support, and fair trade commercial practices. Our goal is to help the artisans develop sustainable livelihoods.

Preserving Traditional Craftsmanship

The techniques and skills involved in creating the products have been developed over many generations by the artisans and their families, using locally sourced materials and unique processes. EARTH HEIR® works collaboratively with the artisans to preserve this craftsmanship for the future.

Providing Market Access 

EARTH HEIR® works in partnership with our network of traditional artisans to provide market access including local & global retail stores, corporate business buyers, supply chain opportunities, our own online eCommerce shop, and our studio in Kuala Lumpur.

Supporting Refugee Artisans

EARTH HEIR® also supports displaced refugee artisans to provide dignity and income form their unique talents. We are partnered with the United Nations Refugee Agency and their Made51 program.

Fair Trade Certified

EARTH HEIR® is also proudly fair trade certified with the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO). As a social enterprise, we reinvest the majority of our profits to achieve our mission and grow impact among the artisans we serve. We operate a transparent financial model with ethical practices to maximize income for the artisans.                                  


Thoughtful design. 
Ethical partnerships. 
Conscious consumption.