Gifts For Good

Looking for custom or wholesale orders? We have something for you.

We make beautiful, handmade gifts that are truly special.   We can even make extra special VIP gifts, like when we created a silk necklace for the Sultan of Selangor.  Let us know your needs.

If you are looking for printed items such as canvas bags, lanyards and t-shirts, Earth Heir's Gifts for Good range is for you.  This is our value proposition: we will make these things for you at a price competitive rate, AND your purchase will go towards creating two types of impact:


  1.  1% of the total purchase amount from our 'Gifts For Good' range goes towards the planting of trees in the degraded forests of Borneo.  Since 2013, we have planted more than 2000 trees.
  2. The remaining profit from your purchase goes towards supporting our work with artisans, refugees and marginalised communities.  Today, we work with over 100 artisans in Malaysia across 5 states of Malaysia.


Gifts For Good - Silk Screen Printed Tote Bag
Gifts For Good - Custom Mengkuang Gifts: Mengkuang Notebook Cover, Custom Notebook, Mengkuang Bookmark and Mengkuang Pouch 

Fill up the form below and tell us your needs.  We welcome all enquiries and will be in touch within 2 working days.