Refugee Made Fair Trade PPE

Your Donation Is Saving Lives

Due to the shortage in medical supplies for frontliners, in the battle to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, Earth Heir®, in cooperation with World Fair Trade Organisation Asia, social enterprises, NGOs and individuals in Malaysia, will produce and distribute "Fair Trade Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)".

This PPE is intended for Malaysian frontline medical personnel, frontline social workers and others involved in the management and control of COVID-19.

As we understand, on average, an ICU department of a hospital uses up to 100 sets a day. Join us in this battle to protect our frontliners by donating PPE. 

For Malaysian Donors:

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- Each set of PPE comes with a gown, head cover and shoe covers.
- Sewn by refugee tailors living in Malaysia in a workshop sanitized according to WFTO standards.
- Each piece is certified Fair Trade by the World Fair Trade Organisation. 
Visit our SOP page to learn more about sanitising standards of the production.


Materials: 24%
Labor Costs (Paid to Refugees): 47%
Operational Costs: 25%
Transportation Costs: 2%
Donation to the WFTO COVID19 Recovery Fund: 2%

The COVID-19 crisis has also affected the livelihoods of refugee artisans and producers that Earth Heir® works with.
Therefore, this project both provides a means for refugee artisans to earn an income,
and support the effort to help our national heroes battling the coronavirus outbreak. 
Earth Heir® will be coordinating the production and distribution of the PPE,
adhering to Fair Trade Principles and ensuring transparency throughout the process.
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With Love,
Earth Heir® Team❤️