Bunga Raya Reusable Face Masks

This limited edition mask is embroidered freehand by a refugee artisan with the National Flower of Malaysia, the humble hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis or the Bunga Raya).

Did you know? :
The word bunga in Malay means "flower", while raya in Malay means "celebration”. The colour red symbolizes courage and life, and the five petals represent the five Rukun Negara (National Principles) of Malaysia.

The World Fair Trade Organization Asia (WFTO Asia) has assisted us with a reusable mask design by a fellow fair trade social enterprise Sew On Studio in Hong Kong. 2% of all sales proceeds will be donated to the “Post Pandemic Recovery Program for Fair Trade Enterprises in Asia Fund”.

Product Details

  • Sewn by refugee tailors living in Malaysia in a workshop sanitized according to WFTO standards
  • Each piece is certified Fair Trade by the World Fair Trade Organisation
  • Comes with a pocket** to insert filters, refer to the poster for filter choices and effectiveness
  • Easy wear with elastic strings
  • Measurements: Adult size: (W) 21 cm x (H) 15.5 cm

How To Wear

  1. Open the mask cover, place the filter from the top (refer to chart for filter effectiveness).
  2. Close the mask cover, ensure the filter sticks out of the upper cover and the bottom corners (refer to step by step guide).
  3. Place the elastic loop around your head and adjust accordingly.
  4. Mold or pinch the wire to the shape of your nose.

How To Wash

  1. Wash the mask with water and soap.
  2. Air dry, then iron for further sanitisation.
  3. Please note that the filter should not be reused.

**Tested in Hong Kong with up to 91% effectiveness if you use 2 layers of kitchen paper towels as filters. Test results are from Dr. K. Kwong.

The usage time of this reusable mask is the same as the general surgical masks, for a maximum of 4 hours. Users are recommended to replace the cleaned and sanitized mask cover, and the filter insert once every four hours.

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