(Pre-Order) Fair Trade Reusable Mask

The World Fair Trade Organization Asia (WFTO Asia) has assisted us with a reusable mask design by a fellow fair trade social enterprise Sew On Studio in Hong Kong. 2% of all sales proceeds will be donated to the “Post COVID-19 Recovery Program for Fair Trade Enterprises in Asia Fund”.

Earth Heir is now taking pre-orders for our refugee made, Fair Trade reusable masks with **filter pocket.

**Tested in Hong Kong with up to 91% effectiveness if you use 2 layers of kitchen paper towels as filters. Test results are from Dr. K. Kwong.

Production: will take about 7 - 10 days and you will be notified when your order is shipped.


  • Sewn by refugee tailors living in Malaysia in a workshop sanitized according to WFTO standards
  • Each piece is certified Fair Trade by the World Fair Trade Organisation
  • Comes with a pocket to insert filters, refer to poster for filter choices and effectiveness
  • Each mask has 2 attachment options, ribbons & elastic strings, to enhance secure attachment
  • 2 sizes available: Adult and Child
  • Measurements: Adult: (W) 21 cm x (H) 15.5 cm; Child: (W) 17 cm x (H) 10.5 cm
  • Limited pieces available at the moment as we are unable to source for additional raw materials during the Movement Control Order.


  1. Open the mask cover, place the filter from the top (refer to chart for filter effectiveness).
  2. Close the mask cover, ensure the filter sticks out of the upper cover and the bottom corners (refer to step by step guide).
  3. The side with wire faces up, place the ear loops around ears.
  4. Place the ties around your head and secure with a knot. First tie at the back of the neck, then tie at the back of the head.
  5. Mold or pinch the wire to the shape of your nose.


  1. Wash the mask with water and soap.
  2. Air dry, then iron for further sanitisation.
  3. Please note that the filter should not be reused.

The usage time of this reusable mask is the same as the general surgical masks, for a maximum of 4 hours. Users are recommended to replace the cleaned and sanitized mask cover, and the filter insert once every four hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Hvnt gotten my parcel

Dear Annie,

We ship out mask orders within 7 to 10 days (as stated on our website).

However, we had shipped out your mask on the same day as your order (22nd May 2020).

Due to the Raya break and COVID19 delays, shipments are in queue.

Please do be patient, your order will be with you soon.

Thank you for buying from Earth Heir.

Have a great weekend!

- with love from the Earth Heir team
Thank you Jeremy!
Thanks so much for the feedback Anita! So glad you like them. More designs? Watch this space :) - the Earth Heir team
Fair trade reusable mask

Dear Lynn,

To fit the kitchen paper towel, just take one sheet and fold it into half and insert.
Yes, we have now adjusted the size of the elastic, as we sourced a softer elastic.
We used 100% pure cotton for these masks, and invested in 100% cotton straps (costing quite a bit more than polyester mixes), but we wanted to give our clients a quality, long lasting, reusable mask.
Thank you for your thoughts and feedback. We truly appreciate it! If you have any other questions or feedback, do drop us an email.

With love,
The Earth Heir team

Structural improvements

Dear Wai Ling,

Thank you so much for your feedback! The elastic loops are standard size and we have not reduced them as they may be too tight for those with a larger visage. On your current mask, you could make a small tie on the elastic to make it slightly smaller. On the strings - some clients preferred it free so they could adjust the length as they wished, but we will consider making some design changes.

Thank you for taking the time to give us your thoughts, we really appreciate it and hope you enjoy the mask!

- With love from Earth Heir Team

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