SE Accelerator Program Curriculum Overview

Theme Description
Stage 1 Learning & Discovery Social entrepreneurs will be introduced and exposed to the underlying concept of business and entrepreneurship. At this stage, participants will have the opportunity to re-evaluate and re-validate their current pilot and ideas while undergoing the learning of basic business and social entrepreneurship principles.
Stage 2 Application & Reality Participants will undergo real life examples of social enterprises as well as be able to learn from industry experts and influencers. Here, participants will be able to refine their business models and plan based on their learnings. Participants will also be able to interact and discuss in detail with mentors, speakers and industry experts regarding their social enterprise.
Stage 3 Managing Business & People Participants are able to do a thorough refining of their business model, plan as well as strategize based on their learnings and inputs from the influencers and industry experts. At this stage, participants are required to work in teams to continuously improve and form next step strategies. Participants will be exposed to effective team work and collaboration and will be able to apply their learnings in forming their strategy.
Stage 4 Strategic Planning & Financial Modeling Participants will be able to dive deep into understanding and learning about strategic planning. They will be exposed to essential financial knowledge, relevant to running their social enterprises. At the end of this stage, participants should have a good understanding of certain key topics like business operation efficiency, improvement as well as optimisation. Participants may also enjoy opportunities to be adivsed by financial and legal experts about their business.
Stage 5 Capital Raising & Investment Participants will be exposed to the idea of investment and impact investment. Learnings will center around key elements on fund raising and ways to acquire venture capital. There will also be opportunities to learn and network with several venture capitalist/philantrophist at this stage of the program.
Stage 6 Marketing & Pitching Participants will finally be exposed to key learnings on marketing and effective communication. Methods for business pitching will be taught. At this stage,participants will go through real life pitching sessions with various stakeholders on their social enterprises. There will be multiple opportunities to refine their pitch in front of potential impact investors and venture philanthropist.