Celebrating Craftsmanship

Every piece of craft weaves a story. Some stories span centuries, filled with history and culture. Others represent a new lease in life away from the past.

Earth Heir began with an appreciation for craftspeople. These artists spend years honing and perfecting their skills to create their finest art pieces.

Together, we are dedicated to the creation and preservation of heritage art forms.

In pursuit of our social and ecological goals, 10% of our revenue is reinvested into our impact triangle; 5% is dedicated to training and developing our artisans whilst the remaining 5% is devoted equally to reforestation and animal conservation globally.

We hope you enjoy shopping with a conscience at Earth Heir.

I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; I will not refuse to do something I can do.” – Helen Keller

Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.” – John Wesley


For Earth Heir’s logo, we drew from our Founder, Sasibai Kimis’ experience in Ghana. This Adinkra symbol represents aphorisms and is depicted in many aspects of Ghanaian culture. The “Nyame Nti” symbol means ‘by God’s grace’ and represents faith and trust in God.



Earth Heir endeavours to bring a collection of exquisitely handcrafted luxurious pieces from around the world, with an ecological and social mission. Each piece weaves a human story – lovingly handmade by master craftspersons carrying the disappearing traditions of their forebears. We prize fine craftsmanship over mass fashion.

We advocate fair trade principles and ethical partnerships with the craftspersons themselves, to help create more sustainable livelihoods.

Luxury, style, design and fashion forged in an ethical manner.


Our Commitment


We are committed to always seeking the best practices that respect people and nature, to be as sustainable as we possibly can. Each Earth Heir product has at least 6 or more of the following characteristics.



Helps Preserve Heritage Skills & Culture

Made from Non-Synthetic Natural Materials

Limited Edition or One of a Kind

Eco-friendly dyes

Natural dyes

Ethical Partnership / Fair Trade

Locally Sourced Materials

Supports an Artisan, Underprivileged or Disadvantaged Person

Locally Produced



Our Team

Sasibai Kimis
  • Sasibai Kimis

  • Sasi founded Earth Heir in 2013, as a social business focusing on luxury craftsmanship which showcases the skills and traditions of the craftspeople. She has a background in investment banking, private equity, non-profit/development agencies, mining, finance, sustainable development, corporate responsibility, and micro-finance whilst having lived in eight countries over four continents. She is absolutely passionate about issues pertaining to environmental sustainability, green/eco-tech, travelling, film and jazz music. Sasi speaks English, Malay, Tamil and basic Swedish. She is an alumnus of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and Cambridge University.

Poomabai Kimis
  • Poomabai Kimis

  • Pooma has had a professed interest in the fight against poverty from a young age and a secret penchant for soft silk and cashmere. When her sister Sasi, came up with the idea of combining the two together, Earth Heir was born. The aim is simple: make as big a difference in people’s lives as one possibly can. She speaks English, Malay, Tamil and French and is an alumnus of the University College London and holds a PgDL in Law. Pooma is also a mentor with the Cherie Blair Foundation's Mentoring Women in Business Programme supporting women worldwide.

Ee-Leng Yeoh
  • Ee-Leng Yeoh

  • Ee-Leng is an architect by training and is an alumnus of the University of Sydney. Having spent her formative years in Singapore, Nigeria, Borneo and New Zealand, she is convinced of the importance of keeping cultural diversity alive, and that even as we embrace modernity, it should not be at the expense of our cultural heritage. She is drawn to Earth Heir's mission to support and uphold traditional art forms as a means to sustain t heir livelihoods, especially so in places where these practices are in danger of losing out to other means to material survival.


10% of our revenue goes to supports our partners

WeForest is an international organization dedicated to sustainable reforestation. Their main objective is to participate in countering global warming and promote the international movement to recover part of the forests which have disappeared.

Earth Heir works with WeForest to plant two trees for every scarf sold.


Chab Dai means ‘joining hands’ in Khmer, founded in Cambodia, it aims to address human trafficking and exploitation through coalition building, advocacy and research.


Redeeming Roses was built when a handful of volunteers began to visit women in red Lights districts around Kuala Lumpur. Three years later, these same women are still sowing seeds of faith, prayer and friendship as they build relationships with women on the street and in the entertainment industry.


Our Supporters

  • Szetho Shan Lin

  • Film Director
  • Kunal Saraf

  • Photographer
  • Jody Bakthiar, Shereen Gill, Ayuni, Diana Oliva, Rita Mendes, Julie Wojtkiewicz, Melisa Madanamootoo, Ana Mendes

  • Our awesome models
  • Kaili & Yu Cheng

  • Assistance with website

  • Ng Sek San

  • For allowing us to use Sekeping Sin Chew Kee as a venue
  • Our interns, our friends and family!